The fashion interview with Sonja

January 21, 2008

                                                        Kwon Ji-hyun (Sarah)

Sonja, who is the only woman instructor in the teachers training course, is famous for polished fashion style among trainees. I’d like to know her fashion sense. So last Friday I met her in the teacher’s lounge. These are the series of questions and answers with her.

Sarah: What style do you like? And where did you get your clothes?

Sonja: I like feminine and cute style, so I usually purchase the brand

         ‘Soup’. It is located in the 7th floor in Lotte department store and

          reflects my favorite style well.

Sarah: When you choose  clothes, what do you focus on among the

          quality of cloth, the color of it, the thickness of it, etc. ?

Sonja: I focus on many things. But the important thing is how it looks

          on me. So I  consider the color, especially pink color. Sometimes

           if I feel refreshed  I  wear pink color totally from hair pin to hand


Sarah: What do you think about Korean’s fashion style?

Sonja: I think Koreans are more fashionable and more stylish than

          Americans. To be compared, Americans are casual,

          comfortable, and less stylish.

Sarah: How often do you purchase your clothes and How do you

          communicate?  in  English or in Korean?

Sonja: I buy them in every season, and when I ask the price, I use

          Korean. The clerks understand what I say in English. If

          communication is not natural, I  use body language.

          Anyway there’s no problem in purchasing clothes.

 Interviewing with Sonja I felt she is naturalized to Korea. She is like my neighbor, not, a foreigner. She already married a Korean man several years ago, and has two sons. She knows Korean emotion very well. She also experienced haggling in the traditional market. She said it’s an interesting experience. I think her positive personality made her Korean life adapt well.


A Foreign teacher’s life in Korea

January 21, 2008

                                          Jieun Kim                                               Among several enthusiastic teachers in this English Course, I met Dr. Miller, who are charging Current Issues for 1st term and Curriculum for 2nd term. He looked a little tired of jet leg after a long journey from America, but he was gladly to answer my questions.   When he was young, he liked to study and spent his 10 years on getting 4 degrees, Biology , Director of Christian Education, M.A. in Teaching ESL, Phd in Education. He was a working student in the university, most American students did in his times.    He loves Korean Students and understands them well. People complains Korean students don’t study much after entering the university, but he said that it is understandable for boy students  to get their free time in the first year. because they are in between hard working after high shcool and hard working of military service. Their play time is needed for the tension of their lives. As a professor and an eldery person, he gives good consideration for young students.  He has a Korean wife. He met her by introducing from one of his students. They had had a relationship for one year and married. He goes to neighborhood church regulary and lives in LG metro city. 

Denis Parnell’s unique way

January 21, 2008

written by Susie 

As people grew old, they become more interested in their health. Statistics of health checks tells the following. If a person loses weight without any reason, they should think of the possibilities of cancer. On the contrary, if the opposite situation happens, they should be careful of the possibilities of geriatric diseases. Therefore, it is very advisable that we should not be overweight. But it is so difficult. So I want to introduce Denis Parnell’s unique way. He is a professor in my training center. I have felt he looks so energetic and vigorous. I interviewed him.  

What do you think is your own unique way to keep your health?

  Basically I eat 5 meals a day, every three hours. The first meal is usually the largest and all the following meals get smaller as the day progresses. Every meal should have carbohydrates and protein.  Fat is naturally in the food I eat.  

How do you distinguish carbohydrates from protein?  Early meals are heavy in carbohydrates and lighter in proteins. Later meals progressively get heavier in proteins and lighter in carbohydrates. 

 What do you think is the basic theory of keeping standard weight?

  It is important to get the metabolism going. This can be encouraged by eating regularly and through exercise. If one eats regularly, insulin levels stay stable and it reduces cravings and binge eating. If one always has food in the stomach, the body thinks that it does not have to keep fat to survive so the metabolism goes up and burns the fat. 

 Can you introduce your real menu?

It is important to get the metabolism going early. The earlier it starts, the less fat one stores. As soon as I get up, I eat half an apple and drink two glasses of cold water. Then I’ll have some cereal and some form of protein. Meal two, 3 hours later:  5 egg whites, broccoli, and a banana. Meal Three:  Protein Shake, with glutamine, and a banana. Meal 4: Beef soup, or Lasagna, or Fish, or steak with broccoli and sweet potato Meal 5: Chicken breast, broccoli, and sweet potato If I’m still hungry, I’ll eat but I try to eat healthy. I allow myself one cheat meal, an unhealthy meal, a week. 

  What makes you look so young and healthy in your view?

 I think it is water. I try to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. 70% of the human body is composed of water. Without it. they lose vitality.  

Thank you, Mr Parnell. Your ways are helpful to us.

Illegal Parking on Campus

January 14, 2008

Illegal Parking on Campus 


                                      Written by Sioux

 The Pusan Metropolitan City Government encourages its citizens not to drive their cars once a week in order to reduce global warming and traffic congestion, and be ready for the high oil price era. The City Government forces public offices and schools to keep the regulation thoroughly.  The PUFS system on car parking on campus is quite different from the City Government’s. It causes a little confusion to the visitors. Everyone can see a post standing at the gate of PUFS. It says, “The car whose license number ends in X is not allowed today.” The designated day is every 10th day which is the same as the last number of their license plate. Every morning a guard stops the designated car from going into the campus.  Sioux interviewed the Chief Guard, Kim Kyung-chan at the guardhouse of PUFS. He said, “Everybody should keep the regulation. If somebody does not keep the rule, I attach a sticker on the rear window. It’s so sticky that they have a hard time to detach it.” When Sioux asked about professors’ illegal parking, he murmured a little and said, “Professors should follow the regulations, too. Students’ illegal parking is a bigger problem. The parking lot is not enough for them.” When he was asked if he had any exception for the President of PUFS, he mumbled again and said, “He often goes in and out …. Principle is principle and definitely there are a few exceptions. They are cars for disabled and visitors for business purposes.”  Sometimes Sioux saw a few cars with stickers attached on the rear window throughout the school year. At the same time, she could see some cars which violated the regulation next to the main building. But they didn’t have the sticker on them.  Therefore, Sioux ventured in parking her car on the designated day during students’ vacation. Nothing happened. How ridiculous it is! Who on earth will keep the regulations knowing that they don’t need keep them? It’s time to reconsider the PUFS regulation systems on car parking for the earth and all the people who care about the environment. Regulations should be applied to students and professors fairly and equally. Anyone who doesn’t keep the regulations, must pay!  (Jan 14, 2008)

The Reasons Why Water Sports are not Popular in Busan

January 14, 2008

The Reasons Why Water Sports are not Popular in Busan? -Kim Jin Gook-Jin, reporter, asks a question about water sports in Busan to a student at PUFS. He meets the student on the playground.  Jin : Have you ever experienced water sports in Busan?  Mr. Kim : I wanted to jet-ski, but it costs a lot of money to learn and enjoy it, specially being a university student.           Even though I have heard that we can easily find the right beaches to try the sports, I couldn’t get the information where they are and how much I have to pay. There are so many beaches in Busan, but not lots of public relations and information that people can get.  Jin : I think so, too. And the shops for beginners are not many.    Jin is on Songjeong Beach to interview a windsurfer, Mr. Lee in charge of the Songjeong Windsurfing Club.  Jin : How do you think is the environment of water sports in Busan?  Mr. Lee :  I’ve been enjoying windsurfing in Songjeong Beach for over ten years. At that time, I had to pay a lot of money, at least 6 million won, to buy the equipments for windsurfing.          Fortunately, now I don’t have to spend that much money, but there is much restraint by the National Maritime Police Agency and 119 Emergency Brigade. In summer the access to the open sea from the Beach is a very narrow stretch of water. It’s very narrow and far from the windsurfing shop. If we go through the swimmers, we have to pay fine and can’t windsurf for the summer season.    Moreover, windsurfers have to watch out the fishing nets floating on the sea. When windsurfing over the nets, we have to be careful not to get hurt. The essential environment for windsurfing or water sports is not ready yet in Busan. Even though some people have enjoyed water sports like jet skiing, canoeing, bodyboarding, surfing, windsurfing, and so on, they have been doing the sports with many difficulties and obstacles.

The Reasons Why Water Sports are not Popular in Busan

January 14, 2008

Jin’s. Have a nice day!!!

Unbelievable ocountry!

January 14, 2008

A Korean student named Park Sunjoo who is a freshman in Pufs recently spoke to us about her vacation.                   

I want to know about your trip. Have you ever been to any other countries? ”          –   Last summer, I made a trip to three countries, Indonesia, Singapore, and India. Of all the countries I visited, India is by far the most attractive spot. India is a country with a population of one billion. When I was there, there were floods of people everywhere. At first, it was quite confusing to go somewhere getting the eyes from numerous Indians.  But as time went by, I got used to it and even enjoyed it.

What’s the most impressive thing during that trip?”     –    One thing that made me shocked is the people called Untouchables. According to statistics, 82.6 percent of Indians have belief in Hinduism, which includes the system of caste. This system divides people into four social classes, Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas, and Sudras. But Untouchables are not even on the list. They are the lowest class. They are considered as slaves. There were Untouchables all around! Wherever I went, I could see the people begging for money and food, being on the streets, and guess what? Many people were dying on the streets but no one paid attention to them. To make matters worse, they just accept their destiny and don’t even try to make a move. They take the unfair treatment for granted. The ridiculous religious law has been making people live in poverty, misery, and agony. It made me very frustrated because there was nothing I could do to help them. The next thing is Cows. Cows were everywhere! Huge cows were going around in a leisurely way like dogs. One of my friends told me Indians believe the myth that a spirit of a certain god broke into a certain cow and still exists as an image of cow. That is the reason why Indians never eat beef. Unbelievable!

Yes. That’s really unbelievable. What do you think of Indians?”     –    I think Indians are so pure and naive that they, without a single doubt, easily devote themselves to worshiping idols, which blocks on their stepping forward. I hope someday they can get out of their old-fashioned custom and show their real ability with the great potential they have.

Thank you for your cooperation. It’s a very interesting and useful story. Good-bye. “

by Alleisha

Computer Viruses

January 14, 2008


These days many teachers of our training course are suffering from being infected by computer viruses, so I interviewed Justine about her experiences with computer viruses.

Q: How did you know that your computer was infected by viruses?
A: I used a USB at the office of PUFS teacher’s training course, and then I plugged it my home computer. I wanted to use internet explorer, but my computer froze. So I called my friend who knew computers. He said to me, “Your computer is infected by viruses.”

Q: What kind of virus was your computer infected with?
A: After I talked with my friend, I checked my computer with an anti-virus program which was installed in my computer. The program detected many Trojan horse viruses.

Q: What did you do to get rid of the viruses?
A: I tried to get rid of the viruses with my anti-virus program. At first, it detected them, but it couldn’t get rid of them. So the next day, I asked James how to remove Trojan horse viruses. He told me some steps. I followed the steps to remove the viruses and I studied about protecting my computer from viruses.

Q: Do you now know how to protect against computer Viruses?
A: Through surfing the internet, I found some important things. They are as follows.

1. Check portable hard drives before using them.
2. Don’t open unknown e-mails which have attachments.  
3. Back up your data.
4. Check the system with an anti-virus program.
5. Update often – Windows and your Anti-virus program. 

At the end of the interview, she emphasized that it is very important to protect your computers from viruses.

The change of the post office

January 14, 2008

Choi Jin-suk 

   The post office is changing these days. It gives financial products and services as well as postal ones. Because of E-mail and phone calls, the demand for a traditional mail service is decreasing. Thats why it is trying to develop new business areas.

   According to the staff of the PUFS post office, they are concentrating on finding a new way of mail systems. People dont use the postal service for their personal communication sake anymore, because it costs more than e-mail. Therefore, the post office seeks electronic ways for mail system such as e-post cards or e-greeting cards.  

    Postal savings are unique. Many people who can’t go to a wedding or funeral use this service to send some money in cards. It was a banks job, however, the post office is adding a pretty card on it. It attracts peoples interest.

   In addition, insurance and financial work is becoming important work. Traditionally, the post office is believed to be reliable, so, deposit money is increasing enormously. The post office expects more people will be interested in its products.

   There are expectation and concern about the post office. Some are concerned that it will neglect its original duty postal service. However, its effort to adapt the change should be highly valued.

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January 14, 2008


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